The Casa Rossa Chemnitz is an example of how we can deal with the existing built fabric in our cities today to prevent demolition. The architectural firm bodensteiner fest acquired the Casa Rossa Chemnitz with a partner in desolate condition. In the spirit of circular construction and with the help of the reuse of building components, they transformed the Casa Rossa Chemnitz into an inhabitable house in 2018-2020 without losing the charm of the existing building.

During the construction phase, the house served as a mediating platform and exhibition space for artists. Today, the Casa Rossa Chemnitz is rented out with 6 flats of different character. In order to enhance the existing buildings in Chemnitz instead of replacing them, the Casa Rossa Chemnitz team is also involved in the so called “urbanes netz”. If you have any questions, you can reach Casa Rossa Chemnitz at

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